Politicker: Tobacco Retailers Rage Against ‘Houdini’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“This mayor must be the great Houdini–he must be Houdini–because in 2001, when he took office, we were selling 42 million cartons of cigarettes in the City of New York,” the representative, David Schwartz, contended. “The great Houdini waved his magic wand and all of a sudden, in 2013 we’re selling 7 million cartons of cigarettes.”

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Bloomberg Seeks to Ban Cigarette Displays, Analysis with David Schwartz Partner of Gotham Government Relations

Wall Street Journal Warp

Bloomberg Seeks to Ban Cigarette Displays in NYC’s Stores, Analysis with David Schwartz, Partner at Gotham Government Relations & NYAGS on The Wall Street Journal Daily Wrap.

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NBC News Brad Gerstman on Tobacco Ban – Tiny Village Mayor’s Fight

NBC News

The mayor of a tiny village that tried to ban stores from displaying cigarettes has a message for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he attempts to do the same thing.

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CS Monitor: Brad Gerstman – Can Cig Ban Succeed Where Soda Ban Failed?

“Both unnecessary and unconstitutional, the Mayor’s attempts at heightened regulation will only victimize honest, hard working Americans,” Bradley Gerstman, counsel to the New York Association of Grocery Stores said in a statement.

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NYAGS Speaks out against Mayor Bloomberg’s Attack on Personal Liberty, Small Business, and the Tobacco Industry

New York Association of Grocery Stores

Earlier today New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reminded residents that his tyrannical “public health” initiative will continue to persist. Having been recently denied the authority to dictate dietary decisions for New York City soda consumers, Bloomberg has momentarily turned his attention to tobacco.

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