Kingsbridge Armory Development Still an Uncertainty

As we have already commented, the development of the Kingsbridge Armory bears watching-and food retailers shouldn’t sit idly by and assume that non-competing uses will prevail. This cautionary warning is given greater urgency when we read the NY Post editorial on the subject-and the paper blasts the ice hockey concept, along with BP Diaz and labor leader Appelbaum, tow of its high profile its supporters:

“Diaz and Applebaum are now supporting the Messier project because all the jobs promise to guarantee a living wage. But, in doing so, Diaz is rejecting a competing plan put forward by New York developer Young Woo to turn the armory into a mixed-use emporium similar to Chelsea Market, with shopping, food stalls, offices and a multiplex theater.”

New York Post

We’re not sure what the developer has in mind, but mixed use can turn into any number of problematic things-including a box store anchor that doesn’t belong at this hard to access location. But the Post can’t give up its animus against Diaz and Appelbaum:

“Woo’s Mercado Mirabo would create at least 800 permanent jobs — four times the number of the Messier effort, though not at the artificially inflated wage levels that Diaz and Applebaum demand. Pray that saner voices among The Bronx leadership will ignore Diaz’s myopia and encourage support for Young Woo’s vision.”

Still, we can’t say that the Post editorialists are wrong about the feasibility and/or the desirability of the ice skating formula-we had our own misgivings about the concept. But whether the Woo proposal has merit remains to be seen-and it needs to be carefully monitored so that it doesn’t have the small business killing components of the 2009 Related plan; a plan that the Post foolishly still believes had only positive impacts, overlooking all of the collateral damage that the box stores would have created on two contiguous Bronx neighborhood shopping areas.


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