Mike Bloomberg: Porker in Chief

The Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has given Mike Bloomberg the group’s highest honor: Porker in Chief-for his role at wasting precious tax payer money in pursuit of his own health policy obsessions:

“Today, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg its June 2012 Porker of the Month for proposing a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, food carts, movie theaters, and any other venues that receive letter grades from the city for food service. If the measure is approved by the city’s health department after a three-month comment period, which began on June 12, the ban will take effect six months after enactment and be enforced by the city’s regular restaurant inspection team, which will levy $200 fines for noncompliance. With this move, the mayor fully embraces the dubious distinction of becoming the national face of the overreaching “nanny state.”


The CAGW’s rationale for the distinction is based on the fact that the mayor’s health forays always end up increasing the size and scope in government-while at the same time, we might add, doing precious little to advance the health of New Yorkers:

“The mayor’s action is capricious and will increase costs to New York City taxpayers, who will be forced to underwrite the expansion of the size and scope of enforcement and inspection activities by the health department. New Yorkers can still buy large bottles of sugary drinks in grocery and convenience stores, order a refill in their 8, 10, or 12-ounce cup, and purchase a wide array of sugary foods in restaurants and other establishments. Nevertheless, Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal will serve as a bellwether for like-minded big-government acolytes in other cities and counties, who are already considering how to emulate the policy.”

The grave danger here is the expansion of government at all levels-at the expense of both individual liberty and a healthy business climate. All in the name of wellness-an expansion that will metastasize if the Affordable Care Act isn’t struck down by the Supreme Court:

“CAGW has long opposed efforts by the federal government to dictate the contents of Americans’ grocery carts; tens of billions of tax dollars, funneled through multiple federal channels to states and municipalities, including New York City, are already being squandered to regulate Americans’ personal consumption choices. For example, approximately $103 million has already been awarded to 61 states and communities via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to fund “prevention, wellness, and public health activities.”

But it can’t be emphasized too much that not only are the mayor’s obsessions costly, they are also counterproductive-as a researcher whose study of the impact of soda on obesity the mayor cited when he announced the proposed ban:

“Brian Wansink, one of the scientists who carried out the studies that the mayor cited in defense of the ban, has stated that his group’s research was misinterpreted. In a June 14, 2012 Atlantic article, Wansink expressed concern that the ban “will be a huge setback to fighting obesity” and “poisons the water for ideas that may have more potential.” Corinne Krupp, a professor of public policy at Duke University, told the WSJ that the new policy is “silly,” adding that is not “an effective public policy to address obesity.” In fact, CDC data shows that even as obesity levels have risen, calories from sugary beverages are less prevalent in the American diet.”

This is from folks who claim that the right wingers are anti-science? It’s about time that New Yorkers revolted against a mayor who loves to use them as guinea pigs in his own science experiments. Bloomberg’s no good for small business but even worse for standing up for the protection of the basic liberties and personal choices of the citizens of the city.

It is why we give CAGW the last word: “For becoming a national scold and slurping up New York City taxpayers’ money to fund the food police, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is CAGW’s June Porker of the Month.”


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