The New York Association of Grocery Stores, NYAGS is a coalition of local New York City grocers fighting to stay alive as special interests and big chains continue to encroach on the businesses our families have maintained for decades. We have formed NYAGS, New York Association of Grocery Stores in order to stop the assault against grocery stores as well as the food service industry all over New York by the Mayor and other government officials. NYAGS will play a substantial role in being the lead advocacy group in redefining how the city treats our retail establishments throughout NYC. NYAGS will promote unity and financial stability to small business throughout NYC.

“The city continues in its quest of becoming a nanny state in regulating every aspect of the lives of the citizens of New York City and in the process, crushing small business” said David Schwartz. “NYAGS will vigorously protect business throughout New York from over reaching and unnecessary regulatory measures. NYAGS will help unite the fight against the recently announced Big Soda Ban by the NYC Board of Health”, said Brad Gerstman.

As Wal-mart continues their push to enter the New York City market and liquor stores continue to block the entrance of wine into grocery stores, we’re fighting to stay in business during these tough economic times. With only 2000 liquor stores in New York State why do their businesses need to be protected while ours do not?

The initial issues to be taken on by NYAGS are:

  • Fight back against the ‘Nanny-State” and stop Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban
  • Enable wine to be sold in Grocery stores
  • Pass legislation to preclude the unconstitutional ticketing of trucks delivering to grocery stores
  • Fight for the prospect that all tobacco products must be sold in brick and mortar NY stores and not Indian reservations, internet and black market.
  • Restore fairness in taxation of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products and motor fuel
  • Fight against all legislation and regulation that mandates what your customers can and cannot eat
  • Any regulation of tobacco should be done by the FDA and not New York State
  • Fight the Wal-Mart entry into the NYC marketplace
  • Fight against tax credits which favor new supermarkets that enter the NYC market where the employees are non-union and put the existing stores at a disadvantage


November 17, 2014 ● 5pm to 9pm ●450 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451

Bronx, NY – The New York Association of Grocery Stores (NYAGS) is a coalition of local New York City grocers fighting to stay alive as special interest and big chains continue to encroach on the businesses our families have maintained for decades. Recently, Empire State Development (ESD) announced the date for a public hearing in connection with the Fresh Direct Capital Project.

ESD proposes to make a $9 million grant and a $1 million loan to Fresh Direct, LLC to assist in the financing of their relocation and project. NYAGS is opposed to this proposed disbursement of funds, particularly because the government looks to do this without performing a legally mandated environmental review of the impacts associated with this large –scale project. Currently, they insist on using an environmental impact statement that is nearly 22 years old and originally made for an entirely different project. As a result, there is no real way of knowing how this project will ultimately affect the community and environment around it. NYAGS stands in opposition to ESD’s plan in order to protect the interests of New York’s brick and mortar grocers.

All are encouraged to attend and testify in opposition at the public hearing on November 17th.

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