May 2014

NYS Loses $2 Billion Per Year from Sale of Illegal Bootlegged Cigarettes

David Schwartz, Esq. appears on WFAN radio with Bob Salter on sports radio 660 AM (101.9FM), educating New Yorkers that the people of this state are losing over 2 Billion Dollars due to untaxed, illegal, and bootlegged cigarettes flooding the market. Cigarettes are the hottest commodity used by criminal enterprises in order to raise Billions for their criminal activities

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Sales Taxes and Cigarettes

Lately, there has been some attention on the city and state’s loss of sales tax revenue because of the use of a cash register called a zapper. Apparently, these zapper devices make the sale disappear, eliminating all traces of a tax being owed. Well, we know what really makes the sale disappear when it comes to cigarettes-and the buttlegging of non-taxed smokes zaps New York’s small stores as well as the municipal treasury.

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Take Action Now!

To some, Fresh Direct may be a good idea in theory, but is clouded in controversy. The online grocer plans to use about $130 million in tax breaks and grants from the City, State and Federal governments, by claiming that the move will create jobs and other benefits for the Bronx community. Not only is […]

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