Willets Point United: Wal-Mart at Willets Point?


It was recently reported that Walmart, the low-wage retailer, is trying to sneak into New York City at the Willets Point development. Walmart has a history of discrimination, poor pay, anti-union behavior and abuse that is not welcome in my community, or any part of our city. Walmart’s lobbyists are sneaking around looking for possible locations across the five boroughs. Instead of being honest about its intentions, the retailer is pushing a PR campaign to try and clean-up its contaminated image in order to win approval. We can’t allow this to work.

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Willets Point United: Losing Bet

Willets Point United

From Willets Point United: When the trial balloon was floated about the possibility of a casino being placed over at Willets Point we pointed out-citing the work of Steve Malanga-all of the drawbacks; and one we highlighted was how gambling attracts, not only those addicted to it, but to those folks who can least afford […]

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Willets Point: Related’s Charm Offensive Simply a Con

Continuing the charm offensive that was begun by EDC’s Seth Pinsky-all to counteract the incredible effort mounted by WPU against the Willets Point development-the lawyers and principals of Related met with the good folks down at the Times Ledger in order to explain why Willets West a necessary first step in the overall development of the area

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