Trans Fats

Peddling Nonsense: The Failure of the Green Cart Experiment

New York Green Carts

Over four years ago, the mayor and the city council launched the Green Cart experiment-a plan to put 1,500 veggie carts into so-called underserved areas in order to give poor folks access to healthier foods. This “field of dreams theory” was the brainchild of the brain-dead health commissioner at the time, Tom Frieden, who has […]

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Stopping the Regulatory assault

Giant Coke

The continuing recession has certainly taken its toll but the actions and attitude of government has made a bad situation much worse:

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Untrustworthy “Health Trust”

Healthy Food

The Center for Consumer Freedom has a commentary on the upcoming report from a group called the Trust for America’s Health-and if an early preview is correct it is just the latest example of how the health police wants to enact mandates and taxes to prevent Americans from harming themselves

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Where There is a Will, There’s a Way

George Will

In this morning’s Washington Post columnist George Will lashes out at the expansion of government-and how the stimulus is being used (possibly illegally) to promote a Big Mother health agenda:

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One Fine Day

Mayor Bloomberg

Now we know that the mayor isn’t much of a crooner so his latest rendition of the Chiffons hit, “One Fine Day,” hits a truly discordant note. Blasting the counterattack against the huge revenue increase brought in by the DOH’s regulatory assault in restaurants, Mayor Mike calls out the critics and accuses them of being politically motivated

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