Media Advisory: NYC Grocer & Bodega Owners Announce Opposition to City’s Fresh Direct Millions

New York City grocers and bodega owners announce their strong opposition to the City and State’s indefensible and anti-competitive proposal to gift Fresh Direct with $127 million in economic development subsidies.

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Fairway, FreshDirect, and the Importance of Neighborhood Stores

Neighborhood Store

Our core mission here at NYAGS is to advocate on behalf of the city’s hundreds of thousands of Mom and Pop stores who we feel are the lifeblood of New York-creating the commerce and jobs, for sure, but also giving life, vitality and character to the hundreds of diverse neighborhoods that make up this great town. Central to this mission is our support of the local supermarkets that are the crucial traffic builders who feed the smaller shops as the folks come to the neighborhood shopping strip to buy their groceries.

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New York Times: Tobacco Companies Broke Law by Selling Untaxed Cigarettes, Judge Rules

The New York Times

A federal judge ruled last week that two tobacco wholesalers illegally skirted paying millions of dollars in taxes by selling truckloads of untaxed cigarettes to retailers on an American Indian reservation on Long Island, which then resold them in the city at cut-rate prices.

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U.S. Expected to Reach 1960s Poverty Levels


Yesterday, NPR reported that numerous economists, think-tanks and academics anticipate U.S. Poverty rates will reach new highs this year. The prediction came in anticipation of 2011 Census data set to be released this fall. The New York Association of Grocery Stores (NYAGS), citing recent studies and reports, is labeling Walmart as one of the main facilitators of this expected increase.

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Selling Wine in Grocery Stores can Reverse the Decline of Liquor Stores in New York State

New York Winery

The 2012 Economic Impact of Allowing Shoppers to Purchase Wine in Food Stores analysis clearly shows that in states where food and package stores both sell wine, package stores successfully continue in business and even increase in number.

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