New Yorkers Oppose Ten Cent Bag Fee

The New York City Council has introduced a new bill that will charge shoppers ten cents per plastic shopping bag used to carry home their goods. The fee would apply to grocery stores, bodegas and street vendors that sell food as well as other merchandise.

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NY Neighborhood Alliance Brad Gerstman Calls Out Stringer’s Wal-mart Support

“It’s telling that the same folks who led the charge to bring Wal-Mart, and it’s anti-labor, anti-women policies, to New York City, are leading the charge to put Scott Stringer in City Hall.

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NYAGS Speaks out against Mayor Bloomberg’s Attack on Personal Liberty, Small Business, and the Tobacco Industry

New York Association of Grocery Stores

Earlier today New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reminded residents that his tyrannical “public health” initiative will continue to persist. Having been recently denied the authority to dictate dietary decisions for New York City soda consumers, Bloomberg has momentarily turned his attention to tobacco.

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Wal-Mart to Increase Employee Health Care Costs NYAGS Reaffirms Victory for East New York


With the unemployment rate hovering near 8 percent, frugality has become a new norm as families fight to stay afloat during these difficult economic times. Yet, in recent news, it seems that Wal-Mart is shielding its Fortune 500 pockets from increasing insurance costs.

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Gerstman and Schwartz Announce the Formation of NYAGS New York Association of Grocery Stores to Stop the Assault on Retailers


Brad Gerstman, Esq. and David Schwartz, Esq. are announcing the formation of NYAGS, The New York Association of Grocery Stores. We have formed NYAGS, New York Association of Grocery Stores in order to stop the assault against grocery stores as well as the food service industry all over New York by the Mayor and other government officials.

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