Massive Outrage Against Willets Point Redevelopment Project

Willets Point United Inc. Holds Press Conference Elected Officials Slam Willets Point Development August 7th, 2013– Today on the steps of City Hall, Willets Point United Inc., joined by many organizations, held a press conference to voice their overwhelming opposition toward the Willets Point redevelopment project. Those in attendance were members of the Queens Civic […]

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Politicker: Tobacco Retailers Rage Against ‘Houdini’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“This mayor must be the great Houdini–he must be Houdini–because in 2001, when he took office, we were selling 42 million cartons of cigarettes in the City of New York,” the representative, David Schwartz, contended. “The great Houdini waved his magic wand and all of a sudden, in 2013 we’re selling 7 million cartons of cigarettes.”

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CS Monitor: Brad Gerstman – Can Cig Ban Succeed Where Soda Ban Failed?

“Both unnecessary and unconstitutional, the Mayor’s attempts at heightened regulation will only victimize honest, hard working Americans,” Bradley Gerstman, counsel to the New York Association of Grocery Stores said in a statement.

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NYAGS Brad Gerstman in NY Daily News Bloomberg Tobacco Display Ban

NY Daily News

Brad Gerstman of the New York Association of Grocery Stores predicts the rule will be struck down in court like the soda ban.

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Untrustworthy “Health Trust”

Healthy Food

The Center for Consumer Freedom has a commentary on the upcoming report from a group called the Trust for America’s Health-and if an early preview is correct it is just the latest example of how the health police wants to enact mandates and taxes to prevent Americans from harming themselves

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