Untrustworthy “Health Trust”

The Center for Consumer Freedom has a commentary on the upcoming report from a group called the Trust for America’s Health-and if an early preview is correct it is just the latest example of how the health police wants to enact mandates and taxes to prevent Americans from harming themselves:

“It’s that time of year again. No, not back-to-school, but the time of year that the Trust for America’s Health releases its annual report calling the nation’s anti-obesity policy a failure and demanding some politicians, somewhere, do something… That report called for massive intrusions into our dinner-plate choices, including restaurant menu mandates, zoning bans, and the loathed soda tax.”

Consumer Freedom

What this signals is what’s in store for all of us should ObamaCare remain in place-a massive intrusion into the lifestyle choices of Americans who are seen as unable to make healthy consumer choices without the proper guidance. As the CCF points out:

“The plan puts too much emphasis on government restrictions on consumer choice that will not reduce obesity, and not nearly enough emphasis on restoring personal responsibility, which is the only proven strategy for people to lose weight.

Just like horses and water, you can lead a person to kale, but you can’t make him or her eat it. And because you can’t make that person eat kale without the police power of government, the plan calls for additional regulations such as restaurant location prohibitions and sin taxes on soda and other sweet drinks.”

Now imagine if the government is paying for the health insurance of millions of overweight folks. A perfect rationale for dictating to us all-fat and thin alike-all in the name of health and fiscal prudence. At the end of the day, however, we will have a gigantic government apparatus that is even unhealthier than the existence of an obesity epidemic.

What George Will observes is true: It is the government that needs to go on a diet and bureaucratic fat threatens the liberty of us all.

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