NYS Loses $2 Billion Per Year from Sale of Illegal Bootlegged Cigarettes

David Schwartz, Esq. appears on WFAN radio with Bob Salter on sports radio 660 AM (101.9FM), educating New Yorkers that the people of this state are losing over 2 Billion Dollars due to untaxed, illegal, and bootlegged cigarettes flooding the market. Cigarettes are the hottest commodity used by criminal enterprises in order to raise Billions for their criminal activities, depriving our citizens of money that should go towards education, healthcare, police and the most needy in our society. David Schwartz will talk about how the Government must take action now in order to save 30 Billion Dollars over the next 15 years. There are easy solutions which will be discussed to alleviate this loss in revenue and to go after these illegal criminal enterprises.

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